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Start with image auto anotation

Precise labeling tool that works on even complicated objects. No prior training needed. Same model with tuning works on different objects. Models Slash by 6x the time to annotate even when you include time to correct the delimitation

Delimit only when needed

Correct selection when needed

With this tool, the labelers can quickly correct the selection through various tools such as polygons, brush... They can add directional vectors, tags on the whole image or attributes on specific selections,...

Text at speed

Better text labeling

So many use cases: Tag receipts with financial classification, categorize customer reviews, moderate hate speech... Assigning attributes and defining relationships between those attributes has never been so easy and fast for the workers. You'll understand why Stanford University, Google, Twitch and Twitter use this tool.

Tools & platforms

More than a hundred tools and platforms for simple and repetitive tasks

Take advantage of our list of tools and platforms built thanks to our knowledge and experience over the years and quickly identify the ones best suited to your needs, along with comprehensive pricing and client reference insight

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