About us

We focus on simple and repetitive tasks that are better done by humans

We're sure we can help you identify better tools and workers!

We took the time to find the most innovative tools for simple and repetitive tasks in the context of AI and data science. We guide you to be pick the right one then we help to check the workers are treated fairly and also train them for useful and in high demand skills via Khan Academy and Datacamp

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WHat about them?

No to virtual sweatshops!

We all heard how Amazon treat their local employees in the US and EU. Now imagine how it treats the virtual workers in emerging countries when there's close to no regulations. To avoid virtual sweatshops, you choose to either work locally with with deaf/mute/handicapt workers or offshore. With the later we do real checks against forced or child labor. And to empower our workers, we're the first labeling company worldwide to give free access to datacamp!


Why it started?

The EU is lagging behind in AI and data science. We couldn't find a solution helping companies stay competitive without compromising on the treatment of workers and privacy. So we're proving it's possible!

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